October 25

Master Key Experience – Week 4

Do You Always Keep Your Promises?

I wanted to quit. I was already a week behind (5 days anyway) in trying to finish the scheduled work for that week in the MKE class. I didn’t see how this was going to get any easier anytime soon. This seemed too hard, and too much for me right now. What had been excitement in the beginning had now become drudgery. (I see now that the drudgery is my “old blueprint”; demons/minions coming after me, wanting me to justify the action.)

I wrote an email to the facilitator of the class announcing my intentions, respectfully. Her reply was to remind me what I had been warned about. She was going to hold me accountable.

The Value of Accountability

She wrote:
“You are teaching your subconscious something here, what do you want to teach it about you?
Will the progression of your life and the lives of those you love happen if you quit now? Will anything change?
I’m just covering myself here, I have to let you know that this is textbook ‘refusal of the call’ to the hero’s journey. Many, many people do it and continue their lives of quiet desperation, as Thoreau teaches us.
Refusal to become the hero of your own life, in the lives of the people who love you.” Continue reading