May 20


The purpose of my blog is to share with you experiences and observations that I hope you will find interesting and useful in your life’s journeys. Most of them will have been mine, although I might come across and share with you a journey that someone else has had that resonates with me, and could with you too.

Back and Forth, Hither and Yon

My family took several vacations when I was younger. Often road trips around the country, visiting family and historical places (history lessons, if you will). I travelled quite a bit when I was a Boy Scout: hiking, camping, high adventure bases, National Jamborees. I worked my way across the continental United States several times during the years I spent as a truck driver, taking in the wonderful sights that are the Lord’s Creation.

Into Deep Places

Taking trips and vacationing, as well as travelling and working were journeys of a sort, but not the only ones that developed my character, or changed my perspectives about people and “things.” I have had several medical challenges that scared me and scarred me, and they have also taught me about people and about God, changing my heart and changing my head. These have turned out to be journeys as well. The ones that test your faith, endurance, and resiliency. These journeys cause us to pause and ponder, evaluate and perhaps elevate the things that truly are most important to us, and to reconsider those things we may have thought were not.

Me and my wonderful wife, Lora

My name is Mark Van Horn. I’m travelling along a Hero’s Journey. Come with me and let me know how it’s shaping up for you!