February 18

Master Key Experience – Week 20

Ooh, look at all those sharp edges…

We Live the Life We Chose

We are faced with day to day, minute by minute choices. Do we choose the ones that involve risk, or do we go with the comfortable? More often than not it’s the safe, comfortable ones. After a lifetime of choosing between comfort and perceived risk, what we are left with is the life we have. Disappointed? No sense in playing the blame game. We are what we are because of a lifetime of choices.

If this is all true (which it appears to me that it is), then the comfort zone will control us until we decide to control it.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone (?)

No one likes to do that! Too painful, or scary. Personal growth and self-help gurus sell tons of books and programs spouting “get out of your comfort zone,” when most of us just won’t, or can’t. It just doesn’t happen in real life. Fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feelings, and anger are the five components of the comfort zone. Any one, or a combination of them, could be what’s holding you captive in your comfort zone (“we are what we are because of a lifetime of choices”).

So what if we just decided to expand our comfort zone a little, rather than get out of it completely. This way we could just nudge up to the edge of it, push on it a bit, stretch it a bit. That seems a whole lot safer, yes? We might be willing to try that, wouldn’t we? Kind of like taking something for a test-drive. And it would probably be easier, too. It’s been said that a mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original shape. Once you stretch it, just keep up the habit (persistence)!

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  1. By lorentaylor on

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Mark. Sticking with the herd, that’s controlled by some turd, is simply absurd!! 🙂


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