September 29

Master Key Experience – Week 1

A Guide While On The Journey

This journey is a new type of journey for me: keeping an open mind about what I’ve considered in the past to be a completely foreign or alien philosophy. This 6 month course is based on a personal development book written by Charles Haanel called the Master Key System in 1916. The course details, at great length, steps that require thinking that seem quite “out of the box” (maybe even heretical) for me on the journey to achieving what one truly wants in life. This is what I thought – at first glance. This post will serve as a guide while on the journey.

Remember Wanting to be Open-minded?

Now after attending the first of weekly 2 hour live lectures, with 1 hour q&a sessions immediately following, and daily readings for the week, some of the 45 key points are beginning to make some practical sense to me. The first chapter of the book was somewhat difficult for me, as I don’t claim to have much of an intellect- but I do like to read. I’m finding that in this first chapter, slowing down and chewing on what I am reading seems to help. I am confident that it will become easier as the reading continues. Continue reading

September 17

First Journey From Here

Where I Have Been

I am one of those who has been living a life of quiet desperation (Thoreau?). From my mid-twenties on till now, I’ve felt that there should be more for me in life than just what I have had.  To find a cure for that nagging itch, when the mood hit me, I would bounce from one self-help book or program to another, usually giving up without giving 100% or not putting in the work long enough to see (my) expected results. My first journey from here will be to cure that itch once and for all.

Looking back now at the time when I was exploring these methods, and trying to put into practice the methods they prescribed, I’ve been asking hard questions. Questions like: Is our success or failure predetermined? I want to find out why the people who say “yes” to this do so, and how they justify it. Some of the philosophies are darn right spooky. Where do they come from? Are the things I was taught to believe really all that different from what these “far-fetched” ideas profess? Continue reading