August 18

What Journeys Are About

Let’s Go On a Journey Together

I’m glad that you’re taking the time to find out what journeys are about, what makes them special, and why each journey is unique. This blog will be a collection of posts about journeys, each one chronicling an event in which something or someone changed in some way (everyone knows change is inevitable, yes?) These posts will be what journeys are about, really. This post is the first post, the first step on the journey that lies ahead.

Here are parts of some definitions of the word “journey” that I found online:

What Makes A Journey Personal

Being on a journey  involves action: physical,  mental, or both. And actions produce corresponding rewards (or consequences). Journeys can be peaceful, but they can also be traumatic. Journeys most often require some preparation, although they can also be spontaneous. They can be long or short, necessary or inspired. Sometimes we will journey alone, other times with others. Some journeys can drive people apart.

Journeys are special. They are different from hikes, or walks, or jaunts. Journeys stay with us. Journeys are personal, remember? They change us. They take us to places, new and old. We may become educated, entertained, disciplined, romanced. We will grow as a person, without a doubt.

What kind of journey will this be? The tagline speaks of a “Hero’s” journey. As for traditional definitions of  the word “hero,” let’s just leave that up to interpretation for the moment, because I think everyone is a hero to someone at sometime. Heroes are courageous, resilient, admired (often times quietly). Many times when we return from a journey, others will see in us a quality that they may not have noticed before.

So Where Shall We Go?

By sharing my thoughts and experiences here, I hope you too will be able grow and learn. Some of them will be easy and obvious. Others might be somewhat difficult, and subtle. And some may be worth sharing  with people you love. I imagine we won’t know for sure until we get to that particular place on the journey. Are you ready to get started on “our” journey?


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